a welcoming, affirming, justice-seeking congregation

Newsletter Submissions are due by Tuesday, September 27th. Please email to iuchurch@mymts.net or bring into the office.

Golspie Club will begin meeting again this Thursday, September 22nd at 1pm. New members are encouraged to join us for an afternoon of carpet bowling, tea and conversation.

Keyboard If anyone has a small musical keyboard they no longer use, the choir could certainly use it during choir practices. Please contact Eileen Metcalfe.

BANNER SUNDAY: You will see the “wondrous set of banners” (wondrous because they keep people wondering) now hanging above the choir loft. Please revisit your initial, and progressing thoughts on what these images invoke for you. What is your interpretation from a faith point of view? Sunday, September 25th bring your ideas to share, and also enthusiasm to celebrate a new banner!

Immanuel’s Fowl Supper will be held on Saturday, October 22nd from 4-7pm. Ticket prices will be Adults $15, Families $40 (family includes children under 14), Children 8-14 $8, Children 7 & Under Free. Tickets are now available after Worship or by calling the office. Lots of opportunities to volunteer as well, please see the sign up sheets in the AMEN corner.

“The Tuesday Morning Study Group announces Immanuel’s STAIRLIFT to HEAVEN! Okay, it’s just to the second floor, but we’re on our way to getting one. Stay tuned for more details.”

Front Church Doors will be locked at all times. Please call ahead or use the buzzer for access. Thank you.


Tuesday, Sept 20th 9:30 am Study Group Upstairs Lounge
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Wednesday, Sept 21st 7:00 pm Women’s Study Group Upstairs Lounge
Thursday, Sept 22nd 1:00 pm Golspie Club Sanctuary/Auditorium
7:00 pm Choir Practice Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Friday, Sept 23rd 8:00 pm Alanon Group Upstairs Meeting Room
Saturday, Sept 24th 2:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room