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Congregational Meeting: This morning following our worship service there will be a congregational meeting called by the Immanuel Council, for the purpose of striking a Ministry Profile Committee to work with a Conference Settlement Commission representative in assessing the ministry needs of the congregation. When the work of this Committee is done, a report will be made to the congregation and to Winnipeg Presbytery. Once the report has been approved, a Search Committee charged with looking for Immanuel’s next minister will be struck. Service on the Ministry Profile Committee does not assume service on the Search Committee. Everyone is encouraged to remain after worship to participate in the meeting. Please pick up a cup of coffee or tea and return to your seats for what we expect will be a brief meeting.

The Sharing BasketYou will see a white basket under the front stairs marked The Sharing Basket. As an outreach effort we collect items for the third Sunday of each month to supply some of the needs at North End Community Ministry and St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, according to their wish lists, which are posted in the AMEN corner. We will now include our own Winnipeg Harvest depot , which has requested our help specifically , to augment the supply of feminine hygiene products and, currently, diapers sizes 2 & 5. Thank you for your generous help. The next Sunday is February 19th to donate as you are able.

“Rewind” Concert/Dance Come out for a night of fun on Saturday, March 4th at 7:30 and support our Stair Lift Fund. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased in the AMEN corner or in the church office. See you there!

Newsletter Submissions are due by Thursday, March 23rd. Please submit to iuchurch@mymts.net or bring to the office.

Volunteers Needed for `Just a Warm Sleep` This winter, Winnipeg lost a community member to the cold – and that was heartbreaking. 1JustCity felt it needed to respond. As the people who visit our drop-ins during the day told us about the cold, brutal nights outside – it didn’t feel right to lock our doors at night. 1JustCity is pleased to announce that ‘Just a Warm Sleep’ is opening Thursday, January 26th until Friday, March 31st with support from Bear Paw Security, The Salvation Army, and in partnership with Augustine United Church. ‘Just a Warm Sleep’ is in need of volunteers. Information sheet on the bulletin board.


Sunday, Feb 12th 1-5pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Monday, Feb 13th 8am-Noon Winnipeg Harvest Sanctuary/Auditorium
Tuesday, Feb 14th 9:30 am Study Group Upstairs Lounge
5:00-9:00 pm Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Wednesday, Feb 15th 6:30-9:30 pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Thursday, Feb 16th 7:00 pm Choir Practice Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Friday, Feb 17th 8:00 pm Alanon Group Upstairs Meeting Room
Saturday, Feb 18th 2:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room