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Next Sunday will be Nancy’s regular Sunday off from worship leadership. The Guiding Elders for Worship and for Discernment of Gifts will work together to reflect on the practice of discerning gifts for ministry at Immanuel and beyond our walls. Come to worship prepared for a time of challenge and deep reflection!

United Church Response to Refugees Seeking Sanctuary As has been in the news of late, there has been an increase in refugees seeking sanctuary by crossing the border from the United States into Canada. Many of these men, women and children are crossing the border at Emerson, Manitoba. A number of people in our Conference of the United Church have expressed a desire to be supportive of those seeking sanctuary and are asking what actions they might take. After consultation with Jordan Basso, the minister at St. Andrew’s United Church, Emerson, with Lynne Sanderson, Chair of Agassiz Presbytery and with The Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s Welcome Place, an agency that offers in-Canada protection services for refugee claimants arriving in the country, our Conference is inviting financial support for the ongoing work of Welcome Place. Donations may be made directly through the Welcome Place website or directed through your givings to Immanuel. Please mark your offering envelopes “Interfaith Immigration.” Letters and emails of caring and support to the congregation at St. Andrew’s United Church, Emerson would also be welcomed – c/o Jordan Basso, Box 89, Dominion City, MB R0A 0H0; jordanlbasso@gmail.com

Golspie Club meets this Thursday, February 23rd at 1pm. Join us for an afternoon of carpet bowling, tea and conversation.

“Rewind” Concert/Dance Come out for a night of fun on Saturday, March 4th at 7:30 and support our Stair Lift Fund. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased in the AMEN corner or in the church office. See you there!

World Day of Prayer Worship Service will be held at St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church, 341 Munroe Avenue on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7:30pm. All are welcome. See poster on bulletin board.

Newsletter Submissions are due by Thursday, March 23rd. Please submit to iuchurch@mymts.net or bring to the office.

Volunteers Needed for `Just a Warm Sleep` This winter, Winnipeg lost a community member to the cold – and that was heartbreaking. 1JustCity felt it needed to respond. As the people who visit our drop-ins during the day told us about the cold, brutal nights outside – it didn’t feel right to lock our doors at night. 1JustCity is pleased to announce that ‘Just a Warm Sleep’ is opening Thursday, January 26th until Friday, March 31st with support from Bear Paw Security, The Salvation Army, and in partnership with Augustine United Church. ‘Just a Warm Sleep’ is in need of volunteers. Information sheet on the bulletin board.


Sunday, Feb 19th 1-5pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Tuesday, Feb 21st 9:30 am Study Group Upstairs Lounge
5:00-9:00 pm Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2:00 pm Women’s Study Group Upstairs Lounge
6:30-9:30 pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Thursday, Feb 23rd 1:00 pm Golspie Club Sanctuary/Auditorium
7:00 pm Choir Practice Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Friday, Feb 24th 8:00 pm Alanon Group Upstairs Meeting Room
Saturday, Feb 25th 2:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room