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I Would Like to Thank the Members of the Congregation for your patience and care while I was off of work dealing with an injury to my back. Special thanks to the Guiding Elders for Worship, the Pastoral Care Team and Sharon Vandenberg, for keeping things moving along during my absence. Thanks also to the M&P Committee for its support and care. My back is much improved, but you may notice my stepping into the room beside the sanctuary to stretch it out during the hymns. This will help to ensure that I can stand through the whole service. ~Nancy

Newsletter Submissions are due by Thursday, March 23rd. Please submit to iuchurch@mymts.net or bring to the office.

The Sharing BasketYou will see a white basket under the front stairs marked The Sharing Basket. As an outreach effort we collect items for the third Sunday of each month to supply some of the needs at North End Community Ministry and St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, according to their wish lists, which are posted in the AMEN corner. We will now include our own Winnipeg Harvest depot , which has requested our help specifically , to augment the supply of feminine hygiene products and, currently, diapers sizes 2 & 5. Thank you for your generous help. The next Sunday is March 19th to donate as you are able.

The Ministry Profile Committee is inviting the participation of the congregation in describing who we are as a local church and what we are looking for in a minister. You may record your responses on the turquoise sheets in the AMEN corner and/or participate in a short meeting to take place after worship on Sunday, March 19. Completed forms may be placed in the red folder in the AMEN corner or given to any of the committee members: Ruth Campbell, Sharon Doerksen, Ian Donnelly, Lorraine Kakegamic, Kerry LaRocque, Lynne Strome. Responses are due on March 19.

From the Stewardship Team: Please note the financial contribution “Response Card” and the “Sharing Our Gifts” time and talent sheet in your inserts this week. We encourage you to consider your contributions for the coming year and complete these forms by March 26th. Thank you.

Immanuel Players are at it again! This year’s dessert play is “Things My Mother Taught Me”. It will be performed on April 20th, 21st and 22nd. Please spread the word to friends and family. Tickets will be available soon.

United Church Response to Refugees Seeking Sanctuary As has been in the news of late, there has been an increase in refugees seeking sanctuary by crossing the border from the United States into Canada. Many of these men, women and children are crossing the border at Emerson, Manitoba. A number of people in our Conference of the United Church have expressed a desire to be supportive of those seeking sanctuary and are asking what actions they might take. After consultation with Jordan Basso, the minister at St. Andrew’s United Church, Emerson, with Lynne Sanderson, Chair of Agassiz Presbytery and with The Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s Welcome Place, an agency that offers in-Canada protection services for refugee claimants arriving in the country, our Conference is inviting financial support for the ongoing work of Welcome Place. Donations may be made directly through the Welcome Place website or directed through your givings to Immanuel. Please mark your offering envelopes “Interfaith Immigration.” Letters and emails of caring and support to the congregation at St. Andrew’s United Church, Emerson would also be welcomed – c/o Jordan Basso, Box 89, Dominion City, MB R0A 0H0; jordanlbasso


Sunday, Mar 12th 1-5pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Monday, Mar 13th 8am-Noon Winnipeg Harvest Sanctuary/Auditorium
Tuesday, Mar 14th 9:30 am Study Group Upstairs Lounge
5:00-9:00 pm Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Wednesday, Mar 15th 6:30-9:30 pm Immanuel Players Sanctuary/Auditorium
Thursday, Mar 16th 7:00 pm Choir Practice Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Friday, Mar 17th 8:00 pm Alanon Group Upstairs Meeting Room
Saturday, Mar 18th 2:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room