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Welcome to Advent Worship at Immanuel When I met with our Worship Cluster elders In late October, I heard the refreshing news that celebrating Advent would be the work of the whole people of God at Immanuel. Planning, preparing and presenting the Advent worship is not going to be solely the minister’s work! Immanuel celebrates this exciting time of the year by making it our Advent creation, crafted from our hearts and from our work of love and imagination. We don’t work by the pre-existing scripts that are supposed to fit any congregation; we take risks, and seek authenticity. I happily agreed! In this spirit, our worship team has prepared the Advent celebration to be Immanuel’s own Advent adventure, ready to invite all to join us. Therefore, we all walk together along the same Advent road. What the elders created is the structure; we hope that real learning will be unfolding in the unscripted dynamic of working together, learning in community. Together, we will seek understanding of the diverse views of Mary in the world. Through this, we will engage with voices from the margins.

Many thanks to our various Advent Theatre players (Remember? Church as theatre & worship as Ubuntu. We explored these meanings in the last Sunday’s message) with whom all of us worked together to create the energy of Ubuntu for this Advent journey: Lynne Strome, Leslie Donnelly, Eileen Metcalfe as the creative co-directors; Pat Schulz as the creative writer; Linda Murray and Sharon Doerksen as the prayerful poets; Luba Olesky and Jennifer Antymis as the animating artists. Many thanks, also, to Eileen Metcalfe, Peter Fyne, Debbie Bilous, Debbie Crump and the Choir for the preparation of special music related to the theme. And finally, thanks to all you Ubuntu actors in the pews, for your openness to this Advent worship experience. And now, our Advent work begins!

Pre-Advent Dinner Again this year, our Pre-Advent Dinner was a special time. To those who planned, set up the space, helped out in the kitchen, brought food to share, or just came and participated in any way, thank you.

Sunday Worship Duties Please note that one of our members can no longer fulfill her coffee duties. We are looking for a volunteer to take on this duty for the remainder of the year, which amounts to 4 Sunday’s between now and the end of June. Please see Teri Gartner if you are able to help. Thank you.

The 2018 United Church Calendars are now available. They are $6.00 each. Please call the office or see Pat Schulz after worship.

Many Thanksto all the cookie bakers for the Affirm Talk Event on Wed, Nov 29th at Transcona Memorial United Church. There was a great assortment and we received lots of thank you’s.

2018 Offering Envelopes are ready for pick up in the AMEN corner. Please report any errors or changes to Connie Kryschuk. Thank you!

Two Important Dates Wednesday, December 6th– Open House #3 to review the design of the project-6:30 pm Tuesday, December 19th(Note: was December 12th but now changed) – Public Meeting of the Community Committee @ City Hall to complete our presentation – 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend both meetings.

Christmas Flowers Anyone wishing to contribute to Christmas Flowers please see Joan Macdonald or call her at 204-661-1966.

Potluck Decorations If you would like to donate a Christmas ornament(s) that are non-breakable for our tree outside, please hang them on the tree or hand in to the office. Due to the fact that they are outside they will not be returned, we will save them again for next year. Thanks.

On December 10,2017, we are holding our annual Amnesty International Write for Rights letter writing event. Each year around December 10th, International Human Rights Day, people from around the world come together to write letters calling for the protection and promotion of human rights. Amnesty supporters in 200 countries wrote more than 4.5 Million messages in 2016. Your words protected people and communities around the globe whose Human Rights are under attack. Please join us after worship on December 10, 2017 where we will have available, information on the urgent cases highlighted for 2017, writing materials and sample letters. If you have any questions please contact Karen Turk or Marg Smith.

Observer Subscription Renewals If you would like to renew or start a new subscription, please call Sharon in the office or if paying by cheque, please make it payable to Immanuel United Church and mark “Observer” on your offering envelope. The cost is $25 for the year. Deadline is Tuesday, January 9th.


Monday, Dec 4th 8am-Noon Winnipeg Harvest Sanctuary/Auditorium
Tuesday, Dec 5th 6:00 pm Beginner/Gentle Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
7:30 pm Flow Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Wednesday, Dec 6th 6:30 pm Open House #3 re: Back Forty Project Sanctuary/Auditorium
Thursday, Dec 7th 9:30 am Study Group Upstairs Lounge
7:00 pm Choir Practice Sanctuary/Auditorium
8:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room
Friday, Dec 8th 8:00 pm Alanon Group Upstairs Meeting Room
Saturday, Dec 9th 10:00 am Gentle Flow Yoga Sanctuary/Auditorium
2:00 pm Bettors Anonymous Upstairs Meeting Room