a welcoming, affirming, justice-seeking congregation


The value and activities of the Outreach Committee arise out of the section of Immanuel Church’s Mission Statement which indicates that we seek to be “a community of servants”.  Our motivation stems from our hope that justice and peace will be fulfilled in God’s world.  Since the mission statement was formed thirty years ago, our concern has been expanded to include the care of the earth. There is a standing invitation to join the committee, which meets from September to June  at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month.

Outreach Committee work includes education, leadership and  activities at local,national and international levels. Some examples are:

  • Regular contributors with “Partners in Mission”, particularly with North End Stella Community Ministry and The Interfaith Immigration Council
  • Strong supporters of The Mission and Service Fund of The United Church of Canada
  • Active members of Amnesty International:Write for Rights and other appeals
  • In relationship with Raymond Flett Memorial United Church of The All Native Circle Conference
  • Participants in Kairos initiatives
  • Activists for Refugee Support

As a committee, we do not presume to initiate all of Immanuel’s outreach work. Some ongoing activities amoung the congregation are:

  •  River Elm Elementary School breakfast program, weekly
  • Winnipeg Harvest Food Depot, biweekly
  • Snow Night, annually
  • Just Christmas, annually
  • One Hope Winnipeg

Historical Notes

The Outreach Committee was formed in 1978.  To accommodate busy work schedules, members met for breakfast at 7:00 am in members homes.

In the early 1980’s, a review was made of all the community involvement of Immanuel people outside of outreach activities.  All together members were involved in over thirty initiatives. e.g.: chair of a hospital board, community club volunteer, youth sports activities, senior’s care facility board, Christmas Cheer deliveries, etc. This tradition  continues today.

One particular action initiated by the Outreach Committee was a presentation in June 1999, to the Inter church inquiry into Northern Hydro development. A quotation from page four of the Inquiry reads as follows:

We members of Immanuel United Church are also citizens of Manitoba and of  Canada, and we expect our representatives not only to keep the word they have given on our behalf, but also to do so with compassion and generosity.  As was stated in the brief of our members at the public hearings of 1975, quoting the Old Testament prophet Amos (5:24): ‘Let justice roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.’

Immanuel’s Outreach Committee claims responsibility for the title of the Report on the inquiry: Let Justice Flow.

Over the years, through petitions, campaigns, workshops, rallys and such, Immanuel has gained a reputation as an outspoken and faithful force for justice and peace for the Earth and all that dwell therein.



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