Hello to Immanuel’s children and families/caregivers:
We are not planning on resuming in-person Sunday School classes before the fall of 2023, at the earliest. In the meantime, we want to remind you that children are always welcome to attend worship services, along with adults.  As an alternative to meeting face-to-face at the church, we are providing resources for children to use at home with their families.  Please use the resources on this page and check back regularly as new resources will be added. 

Winter 2023

Many of you received a copy of the Spark Children’s Bible last year. We encourage you to choose a story and read it together. Here are some suggestions of how to do that:

9 ways to read the Bible with children:

  • Act it out
  • Draw a picture of what you read
  • Draw out a favourite verse in fancy letters
  • Pray the passage
  • Research it: who wrote it, why did they write it, where does this fit in the bigger story of the Bible?
  • Ask questions: What does this show me about God? Does God want me to do anything in response to this?
  • Sing a song about it
  • Imagine yourself in the story
  • Play it – use Lego, play dough, or other toys to create what you just read

Advent 2022

Here is a link to a colouring book for Advent published by the United Church of Canada. We hope you and the children in your care will enjoy reading the texts and colouring the pictures together.

Here is a link to a video to go with the colouring book:

Fall 2022

Dear Immanuel families with children,

In this time of transition we are not able to provide weekly lessons for our children. Instead, we invite you to explore the United Church of Canada’s Creed, using the link below to find the lessons. Please feel free to pick and choose amongst the suggested activities. If you’d like to, you can take a picture of any part of your activity and email it to the church. Thank you for your patience at this time. We look forward to getting in a more settled routine in a few weeks.

Immanuel Council

United Church of Canada: A New Creed Children’s Program

Sunday School Resources for Anytime:

For the Love of Creation Resource – Take a Sacred Pause

Weekly Resources:

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